Club News

  • 16/05/2024

    Richardson Delighted with Bude Park Project Progression

    Following on from the update about the Bude Park Development Project on Tuesday, Club Chairman Paul Richardson has provided his thoughts on its progression: “Great news this week that development has now started on Bude Park Playing Fields. Bude Park was chosen as the original home for our... Read more

  • 14/05/2024

    A Week in the Life of KUFC #14

    In our age groups, here's all the stuff that went on throughout the last week: Wildcats/Squad Girls: The Wildcats held their bring a friend session on Wednesday night and welcomed five new girls who all enjoyed their free session. The individual trophy winners were Maisie, Penny, Oli, Demi, Lola... Read more

  • 14/05/2024

    Bude Park Development Update

    We're very excited to announce that the Bude Park Development Project is to start works. Please see the letter from the contractor regarding the limited access to Bude Park Playing Fields whilst work is undertaken. Dear Resident, Geo. Houlton & Sons Ltd, in partnership with Esteem... Read more

  • 07/05/2024

    A Week in the Life of KUFC #13

    Within the last seven days, here's what our teams got up to: Wildcats/Squad Girls: The Wildcats and Squad Girls welcomed 27 girls to their session at Kinloss on Wednesday night. They all enjoyed some fun and sociable football with the individual trophies being handed out to Georgie, Eliza, Hollie... Read more

  • 01/05/2024

    FA GUIDANCE – ADULTS PLAYING AGAINST CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE (often referred to as ‘lads v Dads’ games)

    The FA rules for children and young people under 16 prescribe a two – three year age banding in relation to playing a recognised match as this is in the best interests of child development within a football context. This provides parameters which allow children to develop alongside their... Read more

  • 30/04/2024

    A Week in the Life of KUFC #12

    Over the last week, this is everything that went on within our age groups: Soccer School: Led by coaches Dave, Den and Sarah, there were another couple of great soccer school sessions at Kinloss on Saturday morning. It's always fantastic to see everyone and they all had a a very good... Read more

  • 30/04/2024

    Mini Shin Pads - Banned

    Kingswood United, together with many other grassroots football clubs around the UK have decided to ban the use of the “Mini Shin Pad” on safety concerns for their players. There are worries, especially at non-elite level, that smaller pads don't cover the shins properly and could... Read more

  • 22/04/2024

    A Week in the Life of KUFC #11

    Within our age groups, this is what happened during the last seven days: Soccer School: There was a great turnout for our soccer school sessions at Kinloss on Saturday morning. It was brilliant to see everyone enjoy themselves and they all had a fantastic session. U7: The Cobras locked horns... Read more

  • 12/04/2024

    Words from the Club Chairman Paul Richardson

    Regarding current events, the following statement has been provided by Club Chairman Paul Richardson: You may or may not know, but there are 46 teams across Kingswood United. This makes us one of the largest clubs in Hull and the East Riding and does come with its challenges. As a committee,... Read more