About the Club

Welcome to Kingswood United FC, a vibrant and thriving grassroots football club founded in 2019, nestled in the heart of Bransholme. Our inception was born from a profound passion for the beautiful game and a shared vision to foster community, teamwork, and sportsmanship among young athletes.

At Kingswood United, we believe in the power of football to change lives, build character, and unite diverse groups of people. Our mission is to provide an inclusive, supportive, and competitive environment where young players can develop their skills, confidence, and love for the game, regardless of their background or skill level.

Our club has snowballed since its establishment, attracting dedicated players, experienced coaches, and families across the region. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, both on and off the pitch, and we strive to instil respect, discipline, and perseverance in all our members.

Kingswood United FC is more than just a football club; it's a community. We organise events, workshops, and activities that extend beyond the football field, aiming to enrich our players' lives and foster a strong sense of belonging and community spirit.

Our achievements are a testament to the hard work, dedication, and spirit of our players, coaches, volunteers, and supporters. As we look to the future, Kingswood United FC remains committed to nurturing talent, celebrating diversity, and promoting the love of football for generations to come.

Join us at Kingswood United FC, where football is more than a game—a way of life.


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U07 Kingswood United Vipers

Kingswood United viper's where formed in August 2023 creating a brand new under 7s team.  We picked our players from the Saturday soccer school, which is a great place to learn the basics of football and creates little friendships. 

The boys played there 1st game in September 2023 and have came on so much in such little time. 


We aim to be the best that we can be and enjoy our journey of football. 


U08 Kingswood United Hawks

Kingswood Utd Hawks are a group 1 under 8s team. We have been a team now for 2 years and have really become such a tight knit group. YOU HAWKS!!!! 

U11 Kingswood United Avengers

We started out in May 2020, the majority of the lads having been attending the soccer schools Saturday morning academy. The Avengers quickly established themselves as one of the best teams in our area. Being so good, we enevabily lost players to the academy system, then a few more to Rugby. 2024 has seen us have to re-set and go again, and hope to get back to where we belong very soon. #teamavengers 

U11 Kingswood United Cyclones

The team is currently playing in the under 11's Humber League (Group 5). We are a mixed team with 12 boys and 2 girls. we were established in January 2023 with allbut 1 member coming through the soccer school at Kingswood United.  The team has a great work ethic and really work hard for each other.

U11 Kingswood United Marvels

Out Work, Out Think, Out Play

U13 Kingswood United Typhoons

Typhoons are one of the original founding teams who started in 2018 .

The players were in Paul's soccer school at Hall road with him then we came across to Kingswood with Paul  and joined Paul's soccer school and waited patiently to start our team . 
we still have 9 players which started with us at the soccer school which shows the togetherness and friendships within this team .

Even though our players are stretched across 6 schools we still have some amazing friendships within our team amd all of our players play for each other .