About Kingswood United

Our background and story so far...

Kingswood United is a Charity Incorporated Organisation with the aim of supporting children, young people, adults and the elderly in the local area. We offer support and help in a number of ways, including through discussion whilst participating in different sports and community events. Our sessions range to accommodate the needs of everybody, supporting mental-health, loneliness, anxiety

We were lucky enough to have the site of Kinloss Park in September 2021. At the time, the site was unused, overgrown and a target for anti-social behaviour. Containers had been broken into and had been a number of fires on-site. With thanks to the hard work from our volunteers and our ongoing fund-raising, we now have new rooms that are regularly used, as well as a secure site where people feel safe.

We decided to form as a CIO in March 2023 following from community work that we had already completed in the area. from here, we offered further sporting sessions to members of the community. These evolved quickly, including time to talk to the children about their feelings and linking these to aspects such as resilience, aspirations and meeting their potential. Parents, carers and children told us that mental-health was a large factor for many of them and this continues to be a key focus for us.

Through continuous feedback and comments, we are regularly looking at ways that we can further improve what we can offer to the community - these include sport and talk sessions, drop-in game groups, mentoring opportunities and support with volunteering for young people.

Part of our offer is being able to deliver affordable CPD to groups who work with children and young people with a focus on the development of mental and physical health. All of our sessions are held locally and focus on the needs of each participant. Part of our offer here also includes being able to host sporting sessions for children and young people in the city.

We are working hard to look at further ways we can work with people in the local area and always welcome your views and opinions.