As well as supporting children, young people and adults in our local area, we also offer support throughout the city of Hull and the East Riding.

We have a number of fun, engaging and interactive sessions that we can offer to other community groups or school children. These are based around different aspects of physical and mental health and can be further adapted to suit the needs of your group. Sessions will teach children various skills as well as helping schools to promote personal development for their children.

All of the sessions are approximately one hour long and you can choose any range to cover a half-day or a full day session (two or four sessions). Alternatively, the same session can be led with multiple groups.

All of our colleagues are all fully DBS checked and have completed relevant safeguarding courses. Email contact@kingswoodunited.co.uk for further details including availability and donation suggestions.

Take a look at some of the sessions we can offer:

Session Detail Outcomes
Physical health - Basic first aid for children (Suitable from Y1 upwards) An interactive session helping children to understand how identify if somebody needs first aid help and what they can do to support them. The session uses different scenarios for children to develop understanding and also practises skills such as the recovery position. It also looks at different items that can be used to support first aid in an emergency.
Physical health - What is a balanced diet? (Suitable for all age groups and can be adapted) Looking at different food groups, portion sizes and calories. Children research to see what a good, balanced meal looks like, creating a meal plan (and alternatives to unhealthier meals).
Physical health - The effects of smoking on your body. (Suitable for Y5 upwards) We all know that smoking is bad for you. So, why do people smoke? What happens to your body when you do smoke? This session uses different models to show children what happens to the lungs when people smoke as well as the ingredients in a cigarette. This also looks at the differences between smoking and vaping.
Physical health - What do you need to do to burn off the calories in a ...? (Suitable for KS2 upwards) This session looks at calorie intake and what happens if you eat too much or too little. Children guess what 1lb of fat looks like as well as guessing (and then completing) what you would need to do to burn off the number of calories in a chocolate bar.
Physical and mental health - body image (Y5 upwards) Social media can provide children and young people with a different view towards the body image of others. This session looks at how images can be altered and why companies and people do this. Children have the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and opinions.
Physical and mental health - Coping with change. What is puberty and how does it affect us? (Y5-6) Puberty can be a very hard time for children - both in the lead-up to it happening as well as going through it. This session looks at what changes take place for boys and girls but also ways to deal with these changes.
Mental health - Why am I special? (suitable for all ages) This session looks at different scenarios to discuss why everybody is special in some way and it is important to remember that. Children share compliments with each other to help develop positive well-being.