Club Facilities Update

We’re able to provide an update on the current situation with our facilities and the ongoing work that’s being done to improve them.

Regarding this, Club Chairman Paul Richardson has provided the following statement:

“The club’s now halfway through its fourth season and we find ourselves in an enviable but challenging situation. The club was created by myself in 2019 because there were no facilities or opportunities for children to engage with football locally.

With your support, we’ve created the largest club in the East Riding. Since the club played its first league game back in September 2019, I’ve been engaged with Councillors and private landowners regarding the need for more higher quality playing and training facilities within our community.

Everyone shares the same frustrations regarding unfit pitches and not being able to enjoy the game we all love on a weekend. I can’t remember a season so badly affected in all my 38 years of playing and being involved in the game.

On Monday night, I stepped up to fulfil the role of Chairman and my reason for this is to deliver the facilities and environment we all so desperately need and deserve within our community. To do this, we need support and more volunteers to help progress the club but also ensure we can maximise what we currently deliver.

We’re all volunteers with the same passion but, in order to play football on a weekend, there’s lots of maintenance and preparation that needs to be done prior to this. With 46 teams now within the club, it’s impossible for our small team of two committed volunteers to keep on top of the pitches we have control of. Especially as we look to maximise the potential of pitches with the potential of six matches taking place on a pitch within two days.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen delays to the Bude Park project due to the pandemic and the recent weather. We were originally told that work was due to start within the 2023/24 season and that we had to move off site. This is out of our control as the council own the site and are managing the project which will involve the grass being killed off ready for drainage work and levelling off the site. They’ll also be installing a new welfare building which’ll include changing rooms, toilet facilities and a small kitchen. Finally, the car park will be enlarged and resurfaced.

All this work will be managed by the council and we’re in the hands of nature, to an extent, with when the pitches will be fit to play again. We’ve been told that the site will be complete in time for the 2025/26 season which means we have another year of playing away from our community and home ground.

I’m also having positive conversations regarding a private site which is all subject to planning consent. If this goes ahead, we’d be looking at facilities that would incorporate AWPs and a clubhouse. We have a vision and it requires a large instalment which we discussed as a club at the meeting on Monday evening.

We’re now looking at ways to generate the finances and ensure we can source match funding and investment when we get the green light. These facilities would be in excess of £2 million pounds and we’d need to generate £500k as a club. This is a project we believe is very achievable and certainly needed at this very moment for the club.

I’m extremely positive regarding the future of the club and the huge potential that we all have to create a legacy within the community for all children and adults to enjoy for generations to come. There are grassroots clubs locally who’ve been around 30 plus years who still face the same challenges we do regarding playing regular football on a weekend. Not to mention the frustrations of inadequate winter training venues.

We have a new structure within the club and a committee who are embracing their roles and actively exploring avenues to ensure we can maximise the facilities currently available locally to ensure football is played. Unfortunately, lots of other clubs are doing the same and some facilities remain closed to external users.

As Chairman, I’m keen to open these types of conversations up with everyone within and associated to the club. I also ask for your support to help the club achieve its potential and ensure we can create something very special for all to enjoy.”